Arthritis Self Help Group

    The “Arthritis Self Help Group” is an initiative of the Department of Rheumatology, PSG Hospitals,Coimbatore.

    Arthritis is one of the disabling diseases and the pain the patients and care givers suffer from is often highly negotiable.

    Both the patients and care givers requires lot of support and often the patients are left for themselves to adjust.

    The arthritis self help group is an initiative with the intention to bring peoples with arthritis together and make them help each other.

    The people with arthritis are unique in the sense only they can understand the pain they suffer.

    In this self help group – you need to register yourself and provide the need that may be in any form

    The willingness to help others is important in getting your help; so kindly mention how you/ your care givers can help so that you can get help.

Financial support

Support from/to your care givers

Support in domestic help

Job opportunities / Requirements

Registration for Arthritis Self help Group

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